35 plus 3….

Hey friends! A few years ago I wrote about what I learned in in my 35 years and felt it was worth sharing again. Although, I could add a ton more I’ve learned in three years, I’ll add just three valuable lessons.

What I learned in my 38 years.

I turn 38 today, which simultaneously blows my mind and yet feels completely natural. I remember being 16 like it was yesterday. I felt like my parents were so old. Like I’d rather keel over and die than be 30-something, am I right? In a blink of an eye, I sit here, 38 to be exact. I always heard that in your 30’s you’d really start “figuring things out”…once I hit 30 I was waiting for this epiphany to happen. When was I going to figure everything out? Let me share, what I have learned. I’ll keep it simple and share the top 38 things I’ve learned in my 38 years.

1. Take care of your body. Your body is your temple. You only get one. Take care of it. Eat to live but don’t skip out on the occasional chocolate. It’s never too late to care for your body.

2. School is cool. In fact, it’s so cool that I regret ever being in a rush to hurry it up. For all the times I sat there in math class wondering when in the world would I ever need to know this crap…I wish I would have really paid attention. It’s preparing you for the moments your children are sitting at the kitchen table asking YOU to help them with their homework.

3. Your 20s are filled with drama. Period.

4. Be in love with your life, every minute of it. Yes, that saying couldn’t be truer. When you love your life, your life loves you.

5. Don’t gossip, ever. Just don’t. It’s really hard to do this. Or not do this. If you find yourself gossiping, apologize. Stop. And find a new set of non-gossiping friends. Speak in love. It’s not always easy but it can be done. It just will eat away at your soul.

6. Control your emotions. Just because you feel it doesn’t make it so. Feelings are fickle and they come and go. Don’t act on every single emotion. Don’t let emotions control you.

7. Surround yourself with people that love you, hold you accountable, hold you up, encourage you, and speak life into you.

8. Chocolate and Coffee fixes almost everything.

9. Learn to cook. Even if it’s just for yourself.

10. You’ll never ever ever entirely be ready for kids. Ever. If you wait until you’re ready you’ll never have them.

11. Marriage is hard, but divorce is harder. You know the part in your vows “for better or worse”…they meant that! Being a second wife and married for the second time does NOT make me an expert, but boy have I learned a lot. I’ll write more about this topic after I’ve been married 35 years. What I do know is, never stop being a friend to your spouse and leave the rest in God’s hands. P.S. love without conditions.

12. Live in the moment with your children. Put away those distractions and get down and play with them.

13. In younger years you’ll see in black and white. Aging allows you to see the grey area.

14. Your parents probably did the best they could. Be kind, be gentle. For you will one day pray your kids will extend you the same grace.

15. Don’t wait until you’re 34 to travel. Travel. Travel often. Explore your own neighborhoods too for Pete’s sake. Vacation. Explore.

16. Taste buds change. Try something over and over again. You may just like it cooked a different way.

17. Watch what you say around your children. They are only modeling your behavior, likes, dislikes, etc.

18. Don’t smoke. Ever.

19. Never stop reading. Go visit the library and often.

20. Stay out of debt. Financial freedom is liberating. Learn to live simply, less is more. Be a minimalist.

21. You don’t need to have a perfectly clean house ALL of the time. Kids are messy sometimes. Learn to not cry over spilt milk. Learn to balance. Being a slob is no fun either. Although, why can’t the laundry fold itself?! It’s 2017 for Pete’s sake!

22. Pick your battles. Not everything needs a response.

23. Laugh. Like right now! Seriously, don’t be so uptight. Laughter is good. Smiling makes you pretty.

24. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. God does.

25. If you find a great pair of jeans that fit….buy multiple pairs.

26. Forgiveness. This one I’m still learning. Forgiveness isn’t a feeling it’s a deliberate choice. Forgiveness isn’t for “them”, it’s only for you. You can only truly heal when you’ve asked for forgiveness yourself. Ask God to show you areas where you need forgiveness and seek to be forgiven.

27. Music is healing. Listen to music all day long.

28. Teach your children about the harder things in life….sex, relationships, money, credit, saving, etc. If you don’t they will learn ON THEIR OWN….or worse…the world will teach them.

29. Be involved in sports, music, etc. Find a hobby!

30. Learn to pray. Pray all day. Pray about everything. Even if it’s only a couple words at a time. Pray in all that you do. I really wish I would have learned this long long ago.

31. Leave the judging to our Creator. Period.

32. Do not waste your days wishing you had somebody else’s talent. Find what your talent is and perfect it. There are enough of us in this world to all do something differently and equally wonderful.

33. Take pride in the way you look. Even when you have nowhere to be…Lip gloss and mascara go a long way. A great hairstyle or haircut makes up about 70% of your look. DO NOT, I repeat…DO NOT try to do your own hair every three years out of box because you are too impatient to go to the salon. You’ll never get it right.

34. Everybody has “dead” people. Don’t forget. Don’t dwell. Everyone has lost someone in their life they’ve loved. You’re not the only one. Do not let it hinder you from celebrating the “living”.

35. Know God. It’s never too late to have an intimate relationship with the One who created you. Your walk with God is yours alone.

36. Do. Not. Give. Up. I repeat… DO NOT GIVE UP…on anything you love and care about. In my life it was always easier to walk away, find an excuse why it’s not working for ME, think that if it does come easy then it’s not worth having. Wrong! Often hard work, persistence and perseverance to: do, be or have something is exactly what it takes. You CAN achieve happiness in all things.

37. Be outside! Climb a mountain, walk trails, lay in the grass, play in the water, or at a park! The best part about moving to Colorado has been the ability to get out and BE outside! Explore your city, your state or your backyard! It just feels good to see, touch and take in the outdoors.

38. Friendship. Be the best friend to anyone and everyone you meet! You won’t regret it! Having a ton of friends who love and adore you and fill you up is thee best feeling in the world!!! I have been blessed abundantly in this area of life and I cherish you all!!! Near or far, I’m a better woman for having you in my life.

There is so much more, and the list could go on. Like 39, If Johnny Depp plays in the movie, you should own it. Anyway, you get it, above all be thankful. Getting older is something to celebrate. Not everyone gets to-life is a gift. Celebrate.

Feeling great at 38,


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  1. Happy Birthday gorgeous I love this! We can try our best to remember these things and leave the rest to God to help us each day! I love your wisdom! Love, mom 💞

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