Family Traditions

Family traditions are the rituals, practices and beliefs of a family that are handed down from one generation to the next. They can enrich families and promote a feeling of closeness.

Since moving to a new state and leaving everything we knew, it’s more important than ever to implement new traditions. It’s also the most challenging! Where’s the coolest pumpkin patch? What’s the fun fall activities in our neighborhood? Best places to trick or treat? That’s just the most recent things that’ve popped in my head.

Today was a bit of well…disappointment. Sure I captured a few great photos in the first ten minutes of arriving. I had EXPECTATIONS! I knew what farm in WA we’d go to yearly. We knew what to do and expect. It sent a whirlwind of emotions for me. The grief of a memory/tradition we won’t experience this year. The grief that somehow someway I messed up our yearly tradition by picking some random farm off google.

Then, I felt a sense of peace and pride sweep over me. Although, it wasn’t the experience of a lifetime it was a tradition nonetheless. The yearly Pumpkin Patch still happened. The traditions are not seasonal in our family. They extend beyond the annual Pumpkin Patch. It’s the funny foods Momma makes, the family movie nights, the cookie decorating, Sunday church, painting parties, Sunday big breakfast, praying together, it’s Jingles (elf), watching Grinch from October until Christmas, Easter Egg dyeing, kids helping Momma cook on Thanksgiving, it’s the story of Jesus’s birth, ice cream cake on everybody’s birthdays, reading at bedtime, buying everyone new pajamas to open on Christmas Eve, the yummy cider, nummy smells when you walk into our home, sniffing all the Scentsy packages together when the box arrives, looking at Christmas lights, it’s favorite meals only Momma makes, it’s Dad’s BBQ chicken, etc

We live in a busy, go-go-go information age. All the conveniences and distractions of modern living result in very hectic lifestyles. We don’t have time for relationships. Family bonds are weakening. Extended families are often separated by great distances. Communication is difficult, at best.

Keeping traditions help strengthen the Family bond. Especially in a time where our blended family is divided by distance. It’s a time to be ever so thankful that the other children have their co-parent with traditions still happening. It’s a time that when we are all together again we can share stories of what’s happened while apart. A time to make new while together again.

Traditions are meant to grow and evolve just as our family does. Sometimes you need to find the holes and fill them in. Today I was reassured and reminded that there will be so many things we’ve passed onto our children, big or small and for that I am grateful.

God constantly reminds me that we’re helping our children near and far. Our family traditions will promote a sense of identity and feeling of belonging. They will enrich our family life and create love and harmony in the home, now and when we’re all together again.

What are some of your favorite traditions year round, seasonal or otherwise?!

XO- Crissy

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