“Why do we fast? You can do it for the right reasons or the wrong reasons. I want to make it clear that under the New Covenant, fasting is not to get God to change His mind about something” an excerpt from the devotional today.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This 100%! I needed this because I was reallllly hoping like $1,000,000 would solve my problems….I almost asked God in a fit of emotions “why can’t I just be rich?! Why am I not worth more!? Why do we live with enough and barely more?!”

Read this devotional today and I was like “ouch”!

I’m worth so much he died to save me! My husband! My kids! I have enough because He makes sure we have enough always!! He provides a way for everything! Every trip, every want, every need. And I’m worth so much that you can’t put a $ amount on it. Sometimes, I get anxious about feeling like I need more because “then I’d be free!” Then I read today’s verse in Galatians. Don’t fall back into the slavery mindset because we were set free. Money doesn’t control the freedom Christ gave to me.

Two days ago Muffy came out of school crying real tears. She was running to her seat in music and her scarf caught a xylophone and broke it. The teacher yelled at her in front of the class about it needing to be replaced and her parents having to buy it. She broke down in tears and when I gently tried to calm her tears and let her know it was ok and accidents happen. She cried to me “but Mom you don’t have the money to buy it and I broke it!”

I’m so glad I started this fast when I did because it’s changed my views on money and finances a lot already in three days. I never want my child to feel the burden of not having enough because I will always cover her.

It was ironically in that moment I realized that’s exactly how God thinks of ME!

Be free friends!



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