Isn’t it just fascinating that one word, one name can center you and bring you peace?

I had a ‘whirlwind spiraling out of control’ type of emotions today. Today, I felt out of control in my life. I caught a bug, my husband was out of town, my kids were cooped up in the house, dogs needed tending, dishes stacking up, and I forgot to change my hormone replacement patch for quite some time. In other words, life. I tend to feel out of control in providing emotional support for my older two children, in Washington. I tend to carry mother’s guilt. Guilt for not being all places and doing all that’s needed in two places.

How many of you can relate to the overwhelming amount of guilt we carry as mothers? As wives? Friends?

Today I was not in perfect peace. I didn’t lean on Jesus. I didn’t accept His Grace. I felt shameful for even feeling like a pity party was acceptable today, for being unkind, emotional and sobbing…for being human. Then….Jesus used my sweet friend as a vessel of His promise to me.

“Lay your burdens down. I have carried them enough. You’re not alone. When the world becomes to much. Near the cross I will remain. Until every fear is still. At the mention of your name. Mercy is falling, lift up your hands, receive it now. You’re in the presence of the Lord. I know your past is broken, you can move on it’s over now. Here in the presence of the Lord. You’re tired of running . Be still in and know He’s in control. Pour out your heart before Him.” – Elevation Worship


Right then Jesus met me right where I was and sent me His word, I picked up my phone and was notified that Elevation Worship just released their acoustic songs. I knew in that moment, JESUS was right there with me. That gentle reminder that He is faithful and walking with me daily in all things. His promise still stands no matter how full of guilt, shame and unworthy I feel.

Oh Jesus, you never fail me. Thank you for picking me up and reminding me that I am perfect as each star set in the sky. Every flower that has bloomed. As great as every mountain created. Thank you for reminding me that through all the day to day, feeling pulled every direction, that I am enough because you are with me in all of it.

Sweet friends, what are you carrying today that needs to be left at the cross?

I love each one of you and thank you for reading my words poured out from my heart tonight.

P.S. Seriously, go check out the new acoustic album. #ElevationWorship

With all my heart and soul,


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