July Celebrations

Can you believe we are halfway through 2018?!

Today marks one year since we’ve moved to Colorado. This has been a year of trusting in the Lord more than ever. It’s a bit challenging when you split up your blended family. You cherish your togetherness! You celebrate every birthday and holiday BIG when we’re together. We spend our days in between seeing the older kids planning how to fill our days when they’re here.

It’s cooking big breakfasts like we used to and making the kids their favorite meals. It’s filled with playing outside and enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

Every Holiday in a blended family is spent trading and splitting days. So this has been the first 4th of July in a couple years we have our boys celebrating with us. Only kiddo we’re missing this year is our newly turned 18 year old daughter.

Not only have we had to learn how to balance our new life in Colorado. We’re learning how to have a young adult and accept Holiday’s and time will be split because she is going to be learning how to balance her new chapter.

This year may be a tad different than others but it’s going to be filled with fun! We talked to lots of locals and are going to watch Fireworks over City Park. All while celebrating the twins 7th Birthday! So of course there will be lots of goodies!

We’re learning how to make new traditions in our new town. So far we’ve done pretty well. Thank God for resilient kids, great co-parenting and one amazing city filled with lots to explore.

What are your 4th of July traditions? I’d love to hear them!



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