Live a life well loved 

Usually this time of year is filled with spooky vibes, haunted cemeteries and ghost stories. Call me off and a bit peculiar but I love the feelings that I get when I walk in a cemetery. It’s calm and quiet. There is a sense of peace. They are beautiful. Some landmark cemeteries are full of very elaborate and ornate sculptures, many of which can be considered works of art. Older gravestones and statues often have a weathered look that can only be produced by decades or centuries of exposure to the elements. Cemeteries chronicle the history of cities and towns. Even a casual examination of gravestones can provide clues into customs, tastes, and norms of a given era. The cemetery we visited was over 140 years old and the first burial was in 1877.

Lastly, it’s a reminder to live my life well. When I see these gravestones I wonder and imagine who they were. Reading some of the inscriptions can provide touching glimpses into people’s lives, how they lived, what they valued, and how they were thought of by others. How will I be remembered? I feel centered and I refocus on the important things, not the craziness of each day. That fades away.



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