Old things new

I’ve not written in a while. Months to be exact. Perhaps, I had writers block or maybe it was too hard to find the words I felt these days.

Last week, I lost was let go from my job. A gut wrenching, humbling and heartbreaking experience. I loved my job! To say I was shocked is an understatement. Being let go from a job does a number on your spirit. I was crushed, angry, confused and embarrassed.

I took all my heartache to prayer. I couldn’t fully grasp what had just happened or why. In prayer, was when I was reminded of a few things. I had let my passion go. Blogging! I was also reminded that in just a week away; my children were out of school. I hadn’t been able to align childcare. Lastly, there were areas in my life that needed a makeover desperately.

God took the decision to quit my job away from me. Let’s be honest, I would have somehow scrambled by through summer a mess! I’d mod podge childcare schedules together. I’d put areas that need my utmost attention to the back burner. He knew exactly what I needed and was too afraid to say. I needed to let that job go.

I was reminded by my Heavenly Father of my Daddy’s dresser. The only thing left of him besides his memory. It sat in storage, in a closet or in a garage for the past 7 years. I couldn’t bring myself to restore it because I was afraid of changing it. Change scared me. I knew what the potential of this dresser could be, but the thought of altering the last thing I had left of a life I once knew scared me. I couldn’t even face it.

Then, it made a bit better sense to me, the more I sat in prayer. I’ve been the dresser. I’ve moved, I have been in different positions in life, I’ve even been holding onto promises of a better tomorrow if I spend a little time tending to areas of my life.

I was reminded that everything is only for a season. I was reminded that old things can become new. That it’s okay to let go of what we are comfortable in to grow and become something better. That carrying that dresser around was unhealthy baggage. That dresser can create a conversation piece. It can be in our lives. It can become new again. The dresser is not my father. It is a piece of neglected furniture I’ve left untouched far too long.

Calamity alters our perspective. When lives are on the line we realize that people, not possessions, are what matter most. And if we take the time to realign our priorities, the lesson will not have been wasted.

New perspectives on life from Daddy’s dresser or those God gives us from His word, can quickly fade unless we put knowledge into action. James 1:22-25 says “Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves… He who… is not a forgetful hearer but a DOER of the work, this one will be blessed in what he does”.

I am no longer fearful of change. I can stand firm that this job doesn’t dictate my self worth. The dresser can be painted and still be priceless. I can be proud of being home with my children and knowing I am making a difference in their life. I can stand firm on His word.  I can pursue my passion to depths I was afraid to go. I can focus on the areas I need to in my life. I can be more active in my community. I can create a better version of myself for the next season in life.

#projectrestoration has begun



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