The light at the end of the tunnel

Would it be a surprise to you if I told you moving out of state comes with a whole giant heap of LOWS amongst the highs. No?! No shock there huh? Today I felt especially down. Had a good talk, cry and decided to use my
alone time to connect with myself. With God. With….life! I packed a bag and went on a walk. It started like any other. However, it was silent. I brought nothing with me except my phone and water. I listened. I smiled. I felt the cold on my nose and the sun on my face. I saw beauty around every turn. I gazed at horses and farm land to my left. The Poudre River to my right. I walked aimlessly just focused on one foot in front of the other. Fish jumped and the sound of the splash echoed. A woman approached me with her rescue dog Monroe, asked me if I’d just give him a chance to open up to me. I let him. She smiled and thanked me for being open. Told me I made her day and shouted THANK YOU as she walked away.

Just as I took the corner I heard God say “Do you see that tree? In the distance? Yes that one! With no leaves left, broken branches and lifeless?” 

“No, God. I see a tree whose beauty far exceeds any other tree out here. Majestic and poised perfectly against the mountains. A tree that stands proud despite a single leaf remaining. A tree that looks weathered from the storms.”

“Yes, that one! Christina, that’s you. You’re trials and hardships have only strengthened you. Your testimony of your faith in Me is as evident as that tree that stands so majestic. Walk closer…”

“The reflection of your life is found in everything around you!”

I literally burst into tears. I felt God right there with me at the tree. I saw pure beauty in everything that surrounded it. I kept walking in awe of what transpired. Then I saw the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and chuckled.

Friends, I share this with you because I’m a sucker for feel good, inspirational, fall down and get back up again kinda stuff. Secondly, because YOU are as purposeful and beautiful as that tree. Here I am, sharing my unpolished thoughts and occurrences authentically because it’s easy to find the awful in the world. Have you seen the beauty in it too? I’d encourage you to look in your eyes. The eyes of those who love you. You’ll see your reflection. Like God pointed out so vividly to me.

With my whole heart,

Crissy XO

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