Top Ten Reasons I love FoCo! Since we are nearing our third month of living in this beautiful city, I thought I’d share.

10. They have the best store called #sproutsfarmersmarket which is like if Whole Food and Trader Joe’s had a baby it’d be SPROUTS!

9. My hair air drys in like 5 minutes!! Talk about a time saver and no blow drying!!

8. Everyone is niiiiiiiiice!! Twice the nice!

7. There is a park within a 1 mile radius of wherever you stand!

6. Sunshine!! Like all day everyday!! ☀️ 5. Even when it rains for like 30 minutes, it’s still HOT!!

4. The 🌅 Sunrise and Sunset are breathtaking. Since we’ve moved here I’ve had the desire and opportunity to wake up and watch the sunrise at least a few times out of the week.

3. There is art throughout the city. All around the town is sweetly decorated.

2. FOOD!! Oh my lanta! There are like 150,000 people here and probably 100,000 restaurant choices! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️No seriously! There are so many food places…every type of cuisine, fast food or restaurant! You can always have a place to go for those random cravings!

1. SHOPPING!! We are surrounded by department stores and the mall is within walking distance!! No matter if you’re shopping for clothes or household items there is a store for ANY item within a 1/2 mile radius.

What’s your favorite thing to do when exploring a new city?




Top 10 Reasons I love Fort Collins

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