Unforgiveness destroys a good life. Forgiveness creates it.

Can we talk about unfaithfulness? Last week, as I was riding into work the radio station was sharing the trending story about Kevin Hart. Through his public apology to his wife and family, I saw brokenness. Brokenness is in our world and in our families. His story, although a celebrity, is far too often familiar in our homes. You see a man whose on his second marriage, blended family and loves and adores his wife and children wholeheartedly. What you don’t see on the surface is the devil hard at work tearing down families. Marriage #1 failed. Now the fresh start of #2, the promise to do better and be different because you know you’re capable. The moment you let your guard down the devil himself will come in the form of destruction…whether it’s infidelity, unfaithfulness in finances, responsibilities, drugs, alcohol, etc. Spouse #1 feels vindicated and the past hurts resurface. The current spouse broken, children devastated, the mistress/mister had been told false promises and lies, extortion, families torn apart with un-forgiveness , the cycle continues. The devil wins.

But- Jesus. Jesus can restore your heart, marriages, friendships, family, etc if you allow Him to. We as a society need to do better. Honoring marriage of our own and of others. Families need to unite. Friends need to be friends. Hold one another accountable. Guide one another. Set examples for peers. Women and men need to respect boundaries. Spouses need to honor their commitments.

But- Human. We are flawed and we are a mess. At the foot of the cross we are all the same. And because of the cross we are forgiven. We can forgive because we’ve been forgiven. Friends, I encourage you to walk in love, forgiveness and peace. Choose Jesus first. Walk with Him. Who do you need to forgive today?



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  1. I remember when I sat for counseling with my pastor, prior to getting married, he asked what is your deal breaker. Of course for both of us it was infidelity. Little did we know that we’re human, life isn’t as black and white as we’d love to believe. Love is strong and can heal all things… HIS love is strong!

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