Ways to love yourself

In honor of the month of LOVE I found it fitting to let you in on a few things I’ve been working on. A few things I’m aiming toward. A few things I’m practicing daily.

Here it is:

1. Jesus…I’m making more space in my daily life to fill up with Him. I’ve began fasting. I’ve started a new Devotional on RUTH. Order one from https://www.karlastorey.com/

2. Skincare…. my 17 year old has had a better skincare regimen than me. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I found a few must haves! Or must try’s! Image Skincare has the greatest line for us with dry aging skin! Or just skin because let’s face it…everyday we age and we are all losing that youthful appearance over time. I tried their products and instantly fell in love because they are rich in Vitamin C. Sooooo it smells like the orange Starbursts on your face! Yep! Sure does. It wakes you right up. Or makes you want candy….you decide!?

3. Collagen…I’ve been working on my Collagen intake in any way shape or form for quite some time. I’ve found these little gems YANA collagen shots! Perfect size! Delicious.

4. Healthy starts! Breakfast is hard. Soooo my dear Husband bought me a Ninja for Christmas. It’s been so fun as a part of our morning routine to have a smoothie each morning. We love trying new concoctions all the time. Lately we’ve been hooked on PB2, Banana, Chia and Chocolate Protein with whatever “milk” of your choosing! We like to switch between almond or soy. PB2 is at your local Costco for like $12! Chia I get cheapest at my favorite store…Trader Joe’s!

5. Cutting out sugar! Some of you guys can drink Stevia. I cannot! I found XyloSweet. Which tastes literally like sugar but isn’t. At all. It’s found at Whole Foods in two locations: baking/spices and in health supplement section. This is because Xylitol can cause you to have loose stools. Be careful! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

6. Kicking my Starbucks addiction. This is one of those working on things because I don’t think I’ll ever give it up entirely. The addiction part to it…Nailed it! I’ve cut my purchases to maybe once a week! (Insert patting my back here)

7. Moving more….this is another work in progress. I’m trying to incorporate more up and less down. More movements, less sitting. Taking a lap at lunch. Walking the dogs more. Walking my stairs at home a couple times in a row randomly. Random squats throughout the day. This area is always an area I can consistently work in. I’ve recently joined Just Strong Clothing and am excited to motivate others while on my pursuit of an active lifestyle!


8. Keto lifestyle….this has now been 7 months. I’ll admit from late August until my Birthday 12/16…I worked hard! I lost 27lbs and then fell 20% off the Keto wagon. I never gained it back but I kinda half way got my motivation to get back into Ketosis. However, I’ve got another 25 I want to lose and maintain a healthier weight. Soooooo…..Kegenix teamed up with me to give me a boost! I couldn’t be more excited!

https://realketones.com/#thisismywalk My weight loss journey isn’t over!

9. Essential oils…. I’ve been using these in any way shape or form. I love them on me, in mists, in my diffusers, etc! If you haven’t hopped on the essential oil bandwagon…do it! I get mine from Whole Foods, Sprouts or Natural Grocers. I’m a HUGE fan of ZumMists! Link below! Seriously if you know someone who knows someone who knows anything about the benefits of essential oils TALK to them!


10. Baths….more time relaxing. LUSH! Or if you’re like me and it’s not nearby….find a local small business who makes amazing products and get some!

How cute are these soaps?https://bubblingbuddha.com/



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